Have You Guessed Gareth Bale’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team?

Have You Guessed Gareth Bale’s FIFA 15 Ultimate Team? Or you may save much fifa 15 coins to enjoy the game.

EA Sports has announced the most recent challenge for those using their mobile application, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. The challenge tasks players with recreating the exact team being used by Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale’s Ultimate Premiere League Team. Anyone who can manage to guess the professional football player’s FIFA team could score themselves two tickets to a Premiere League football game of their choice. It’s definitely worth a shot, as sitting on the sidelines of a live game will beat playing on your mobile device any day.

Players are tasked with choosing one of three formations and using any of the Gold-Rated Ultimate Team Players. Upon selecting from these two options, the player must build their own FIFA 15 Ultimate Team lineup in an attempt to guess what Bale has chosen. The closer the player gets to choosing the exact team Gareth Bale has chosen then the greater the chances of winning those two tickets becomes. Each completed team submitted will be given feedback from the developer in the form of a clue to help you gain ground towards choosing the right team.

Should more than one person guess Bale’s team, however, then a winner will be chosen at random be Electronic Arts. That seems fair, considering the number of people making use of the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team application. Of course, those who learn of this competition earlier can get a head-start on the rest of the world.
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