Cristiana Renaldo’s annual 61 Pitches over Mess’s 58 balls

Christmas vacation started, are you ready playing FIFA 15 with your friend at home? and it’s time to make summary at the end of 2014. Today the El Mundo Deportivo mainly compared the two star data, Cristiana Renaldo’s goals are three goals ahead Messi. But, Messi scored three goals than Cristiana Ronald if remove the penalty.

In 2014, Ronald in 60 games, a total of 19 he scored 61 goals and assists. Among all Renaldo’s goal, including 4 goal one match, three hat-tricks and 11 times 2 goals one match. Cristiana Ronald 60 games created 80 pitches, averaged 1.33 ball can make. The data statistics of the national team and club all game.

In 2014, Lionel Messi joined a total of 66 games and scored 58, assist 24 times. Messi made 82 goals, total averaged 1.24 balls can make. In this regard, Lionel Messi efficiency is slightly lower than Cristiana Ronald. He was three goals less than Cristiana Ronald, 5 assists more. Of (among) all the goals, Messi did not play four goals one match, but five hat-tricks and 11 times 2 goals one match.

Much more than tally, Cristiana Ronald was three more than Messi. But, Renaldo’s goals less three if deducted penalty. Messi scored seven penalties in 2014, including five goals of leagues, 1 in the champion’s league, and 1 in national team. After remove the penalty, Messi scored 51 goals in total in 2014.

Cristiana Renaldo’s penalty, nearly reached the twice of Lionel Messi. Renaldo’s 61 goals, has 13 from 12 yards before, including eight league and the champions league ball, 2 ball team. On three fronts, Cristiana Ronald penalty number more than Messi. Remove the penalty, Ronald in 2014 goals for 48 balls, three less than Messi at the ball.

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